The launching of www.dudi.pt, is fit in a new politic of communication, that it intends to narrow relations to the professionals of the Jewellery and Optic market namely, and in a general form, to share all the knowledge of Packing and Decoration acquired throughout more than 15 years, with the professionals of the some sectors of the economic activity.

As the world economy walks through a global and unique market, Dudi Packing Products will establish a new strategy guided for two vectors. The first one aims at the conquest of new markets and the second one translates the continued improvement in the job given to our customers.

Is in this context of consolidation of the commercial politic, that we wait to continue to be deserving of the confidence and the preference of all our customers.

DUDI Packing Products

Created in 1982, Dudi initiates is activity in the plastic injection for diverse industries, namely for the automobile industry.

In 1986, a new appears bets and a new position, leading to a radical change in its product and market. Having as reference the branch of Jewellery, Dudi, adopt a new strategy; the Packing and the Decoration for this path of the market. This strategy translates the originality and the creativity of these products; mark a new philosophy and a new culture in this path of market in Portugal.

Professionals specialised in Packing and Decoration for the branch of Jewellery, Dudi continuously invests in its technical capacity, and in the quality and variety of its products. The experience of these years, allowed to conceive new concepts of design to the level of the Decoration. This knowledge, simultaneously translates the conception of an uneven picture that it reflect the good relation quality-price of our products.

At the same time, the innovative development of concepts and methods of Packing, allow us to create customised products for other paths of market.

To conjugate our experience with the necessities and requirements of an each more and more globalisation and competitive market, is the challenge before which our first concern, is to supply global and integrated solutions that allow us to be deserving of the confidence and loyalty of our customers.

Keeping us faithful to our strategy and to our culture, we grow up sustainable, looking for the creation of synergies for our customers and suppliers.

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